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About Le King 14

Founded by Louis Fourteen (or Louis for short), Le King 14 is a modern day take on the luxury and opulence modeled by the original French King Louis XIV himself. Louis founded Le King 14 to create clothing that is high quality and a not-so-subtle flex. "Le Money King" or the logo for Le King 14, represents modern day opulence that's earned through American style hustle. Louis has worked hard to bring this brand to market and he plans to reward his earliest and most loyal followers. Long Live Le King.

About Louis Fourteen (Creative Director)

Louis Fourteen began his artistic endeavors as a graffiti artist based in Texas. You can find Louis' graffiti all around the world, including Dallas, Austin, New York, London and Paris to name a few places. Louis is most known for his "Le Money King" character, which is the basis for the logo of Le King 14.  Like most graffiti artists Louis likes to keep a low profile. 

About Le Money King (Le King Logo)

Le Money King ("LMK") is the swaggy money logo for Le King 14. LMK maintains a work hard, play hard attitude. LMK started as a graffiti image used by Louis Fourteen but he has really started to take on a life of his own. LMK was insistent that his face be used on all Le King products and of course his favorite Le King apparel is anything where he is shown prominently.    

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