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Louis XIV: The OG Influencer and Le King 14 Inspiration

Updated: Apr 1

The original master of luxury and flexing was King Louis XIV. Louis was a guy with big hair and an even bigger palace at Versailles. His own self-made nickname the "Sun King" was coined since Louis thought that the entire country of France revolved around him. Needless to say, Louis had enough confidence and extravagance for an entire country.

Louis XIV's Inspiring Themes for Le King 14

  1. Flex on 'em whenever you can. Louis wore diamonds, furs, and enough brocade to wallpaper your whole apartment. Inspired by Louis, the "Le Money King" logo pops with color, money and royalty. All Le King 14 apparel is constructed with the highest quality ring spun cotton, bold colors and a touch of the unexpected.

  2. Loyalty is Royalty Louis had his inner circle – artists, nobles, and anyone who appreciated the finer things. At Le King 14 we treat our early supporters like gold. Exclusive perks, sneak peeks, make them know they're part of something special.

  3. Own Your Brand Louis XIV was all about the "Sun King" image – power, brilliance, untouchable status. It's this irreverent and not so subtle style of power, excess and opulence that Le King 14 embodies.

Le King 14: Modern-Day Reign as Showcased by Louis Fourteen

Louis Fourteen is the creative director of Le King 14. Louis is a Dallas, Texas based graffiti artist that hopes to bring back some of the same swag that the OG Louis XIV had back in the day. Le King 14 is all about channeling that Louis XIV opulence with a modern twist. Louis Fourteen plans to keep pumping out high-quality threads, with bold and mildly irreverent designs, just for you.

Long live luxury and long live Le King!

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